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 Product Name:Single Channel Active Video Transmitter JD-VB301T


**Single Channel Active Video Transmitter;
**Long Distance Transmission of PAL /NTSC Real-time Video;
**Exceptional Interference Rejection;
**Options for Distances: Three Levels;
**Red Light for Power, Green Light for Video;
**Built-in Surge Protection, Lighting Protection and Other Protection Setting;
**Convenient Wiring, Higher Cable Utilization Rate and Lower Integrated Wiring Cost.


Video Frequency DC To 8MHz
Impedance Coax BNC:75Ω
CMRR 60dB typ
Attenuation 0.3dB typ
Environm ent Temperature Working Temp:-10℃~+50℃;
Storage Temp:-30℃~+70
Humidity 095%RH
Wire Type Category Type UTP CAT5 24-16AWG
Impedance 100M)
Power DC12V
UTP Port Terminal Block
Dimengions(mm) 103*70*30
Weight(g) 100


DSA (Distance Self-Adapting) Technology
Employing the advanced DSA technology, it can adapt to the cable length and adjust the video signal gain control automatically, identify its polarity and compensate the frequency bands. Video quality is more Human-based.
Complete Solution
A set of complete UTP transmitting solution is provided. Its advanced technology in UTP transmitting field and plenty producing lines offer more options in CCTV system transmission and bring totally new worthy experience to you.
Guarantee for Long Distance Transmission and Video Quality
VB301T twisted pair transmitter employs advanced processing technology,zooms out and compensates the attenuation of video signal levels and different frequencies, keeps the original video sharpness, color and resolution, realizes a good transmission of middle and long-distance video signals and solves the problem that coax can't reach the long transmitting distance.
Higher Cable Utilization Rate
VB301T twisted pair transmitter transmits video, audio, data and power, which makes it convenient to form a multi-class monitoring system.
Flexible and Convenient Wiring Cuts down Project Cost
UTP is softer and lighter than coax, making it's easier, more convenient for wiring installation. Specially in integrated systems, cable utilization rate is increased and design change is decreased greatly. Meanwhile, UTP's price is lower than coax's, which greatly cuts down the cost for wiring installation.
Exceptional Interference Rejection, Suitable for Complicated Working Environments
Exceptional interference rejection; no interferences between signals; even under strongly interfering environments, good video can be transmitted.
Built-in Protection Setting, Stable and Reliable
Built-in surge protection, lighting protection and other protection settings, reliable and stable, making working system safer and more reliable.

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